Recorded voices from the world of printing

  Welcome to this tiny sound archive of the world of printing. Do not expect oral history in its pure sense. For the most part you will hear conversations rather than interviews.

The recordings vary somewhat in quality and in order to keep the best level possible we have transferred them to MP3 format at high bit rate - about 1MB per minute in fact. (We would welcome feedback on this - if the data volumes prove a barrier we might provide smaller, lower quality versions.) Given the data volumes, each conversation is broken down into segments varying between five and twenty minutes, with the breaks falling at natural changes in the conversation. Durations are given in brackets against each segment.

A segment can be downloaded onto your computer and listened to from there, or transferred to an MP3 player. With a suitable plug-in to your browser they can be comfortably streamed directly to your speakers if you have a broadband connection of 2MB/sec or more.

All of these recordings are the copyright of Martyn Ould, Martyn Thomas, and the private individuals concerned. You are welcome to make private or non-commercial educational use of them, but if you wish to make commercial use of them please contact The Old School Press.


Letterpress printing at Oxford University Press

These recordings cover conversations we had during our research for The Fell Revival, Stanley Morison and 'John Fell', and Harry Carter, Typographer.


Mark Arman and the Workshop Press

One of life's gentlemen, Mark Arman printed a series of books about type and printing at his Workshop Press, a quintessentially private press at work.

  Copyright Martyn Ould 2019.