We very occasionally prepare a poster. It's an opportunity to fetch out the larger types and indulge in a little fun with the design, ornaments, rules, large initials, and so on.

Please note that P&P is extra at cost - typically 5 or 6 to a UK address.

Click on a thumbnail for an enlargement, further details, and prices. Please note that the image files are between 2MB and 5MB.

Printing metal - ALL SOLD And with the agonies he endured Perpetua, Stanley Morison
The manual of the dwelling, Le Corbusier The properties of cavee, James Gough The nature of the drink Kauhi, or Coffe, 'an Arabian physitian'
De tranquillitate animi, Seneca So to those ..., William Morris Vivienne at Rodmell: 1932, James Kirkup
John Ruskin at St. Mark's, Venice, John Ruskin The bay of Naples, George Tonge  
Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelley The Lost Colours of the Cyclades, John Sutcliffe  

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