The making of Harry Carter, Typographer

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Stan is making adjustments prior to casting. He reckons he can keyboard faster than the caster casts, so he can be keying new copy whilst the caster is casting what has been keyed. Good casting depends on a host of factors, all of which have to be in balance: the temperature of the metal, the quality of the metal, the speed of the caster, the size of the face being cast, and so on. If you would like to read more about the trials and tribulations of Monotype casting visit the site of David and Claire Bolton's Alembic Press via the 'links' button.

We are very fortunate that Stan is using a brand new set of matrices for the Romulus for this book, so we shall have the crispest type it is possible to get. In the hands of a fine craftsman like Stan you are guaranteed a perfect galley of type.

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