A listing of all our out-of-print books


Index to out-of-print titles

Venice Approached
Ruskin approaches Venice by gondola
The Bricks of Venice
A study of Venetian brickwork in words and watercolours by Peter Harris
The Fruits of Jane Austen
Extracts from her letters and novels, with wood engravings by Simon Brett
Twelve Poems
Verses by David Burnett with wood engravings by Sister Margaret Tournour
view the book itself Venice Visited
Extracts from Coryat's Crudities with pochoir by John Thornton
Punting to Islip
A narrative poem by Eddie Flintoff, with wood-engravings and linocut by Simon Brett
Three Pieces
Three hitherto unpublished essays by Harry Carter
another picture from The Phoenix The Phoenix
A translation by Eddie Flintoff, from the Latin of Lactantius, with pochoir by Peter Allen
view an image from 'Henry James Sat Here' Henry James Sat Here
Reflections on Siena with poems by Anne Coon and images by Kurt Feuerherm
Oxford's Ornaments
A survey and display of the typographical ornaments at Oxford University Press
read about 'Winter Light' Winter Light
Hugh Buchanan on the country house as we never see it
Fedor Tiutchev
Poems by a reticent Russian poet, with engravings by Kirill Sokolov
read about 'The Daniel Press in Frome' The Colours of Rome
An exploration of the colours that characterise the Eternal City
Venice Approached
Ruskin's fine description of the journey from Padua to Venice by gondola.
Read about 'Stanley Morison & "John Fell"' Stanley Morison & 'John Fell'
The story of the making of Morison's book on Bishop John Fell
Read about 'Harry Carter, Typographer' Harry Carter, Typographer
A biographical sketch and exhaustive bibliography
read about 'Antigone' Antigone
A poem by Desmond Post, wood-cuts by Inger Lawrance
read about 'Aubrey's Villa' Michael Burghers, Oxford engraver
A biographical note on Oxford University Press's finest copper engraver, who worked around the turn of the 18th century.
read about 'Aubrey's Villa' Aubrey's Villa
The poignant story of John Aubrey's beloved childhood home
Twelve poems from the Manyoshu
Woodcuts by Naoko Matsubara
'Read about 'The Fell Revival'

The Fell Revival
The story of the revival of Oxford University Press's Fell types

read about 'Printing at the Daniel Press' Printing at the Daniel Press
New light on Henry Daniel's printing practices
An alphabet book with tanka by James Kirkup
Only the printer knows
The story of a book that nearly never was
At nightfall on the shortest day
An evocative text by Peter Davidson with a wood-engraving by Paul Kershaw.

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