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March 2023

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progress on Only the printer knows

progress on Twelve poems from the Manyoshu

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progress on
Only the printer knows

Now published!

In print:
copies of Variant C are still available

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Sixty-two copies of our thirtieth anniversary production Only the printer knows recently arrived from Ludlow Bookbinders. We will be shipping pre-ordered copies to customers this coming week.

All the copies of variants A and B were reserved almost in a matter of hours some time ago. I completely misjudged the amount of interest there would be and I know some customers were disappointed. However, there are still some copies of Variant C - the book on its own - available for 90 plus shipping. You can buy a copy at our online shop.

A vibrant sheet of one of Jemma Lewis's splatter papers - this one is gold on plum - covers the book, with a contrasting bright yellow cloth on the spine. For a closer look, watch our page-by-page video. And you can find full details of the book at our catalogue website.


news about
Twelve poems from the Manyoshu

Back on the agenda!

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Our regular readers will remember the disaster that unfolded last year when FedEx contrived to 'lose' between Toronto and Seaton a trunk containing around a thousand sheets of handmade Japanese paper, most of which had been carefully printed with woodcuts by Canadian artist Naoko Matsubara.

The bad news is that that trunk has never turned up. The good news is that we have decided with Naoko's blessing to go ahead with a slightly less ambitious edition of her work. She recently sent us a set of her artist's proofs of the woodcuts and we are in the process of having them all professionally scanned so that we can print them digitally here onto Japanese papers. The text and ancillary matter will of course all still be printed letterpress.

Plans are still very much up in the air until we have the scans and can see how we can best use them. It will be a small edition but beautiful! At the moment a description of the book is still sitting in the 'O/P' section of our website, but we hope to be able to move it back to the work-in-progress section soon. News about it will of course be sent out in a future newsletter.


news about
The Oxford Fine Press Book Fair 2023

9-10 December 2023
Examination Schools, Oxford

Some good news for 2023: the Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association (PBFA) is organising a Fine Press Book Fair this coming December. It will be in the same venue as last year, the Examination Schools in Oxford, which proved an excellent central venue. We will of course be there!


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