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March 2022

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event: The Oxford Fine Press Book Fair

progress on: Twelve poems from the Manyoshu

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coming up:
Oxford Fine Press Book Fair

We will be there!

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March, 2022

After too many postponements to remember, the Oxford Fair is on at last with about 100 stands for presses and others from all over the world.

We'll have just three new books, produced since the last Fair: At nightfall on the shortest day, Into the lagoon, and Making paper at Abbey Mills. We'll also have our posters on sale and of course our back-list. If you can't make it to the Fair, all our books, booklets, and posters are of course available at our shop.

You can find full details of the Fair on the PBFA website.


progress on
Twelve poems from the Manyoshu

Shipment still somewhere in FedEx's warehouse in Memphis

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FedEx are keen to abandon the search for the shipment of Japanese HMP, much of it printed at great labour and cost with images by Naoko Matsubara, but we have so far resisted as it must be there somewhere. Even if the search is abandoned we can only hope that one day someone stumbles over it and wonders if it should have been sent on to someone.

Just in case they have forgotten what it looks like . . .

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