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January 2022

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progress on: Twelve poems from the Manyoshu

the Hunt Roman type at The Old School Press

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progress on
Twelve poems from the Manyoshu

Possibly abandoned thanks to FedEx

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This project might have to be abandoned thanks to the shipping company FedEx. A trunk containing more than a thousand sheets of Japanese hand-made paper, most of it printed by Alan Flint with Naoko Matsubara's woodcuts over several months, 'cannot be traced' having left Canada and arrived in the UK.

We're hoping that it has not been stolen and will be found so that the project can proceed. It's hard to miss it . . .


news of
The Hunt Roman type in use

Our output to date using this famous type

some still available at our shop

When the Rampant Lions Press closed, our great fortune was to be passed the rare founts of Hunt Roman that Will and Sebastian Carter had bought from the Stempel foundry. We have three sizes: 14pt, 18pt, and 24pt.

To date we have printed four books, several posters, and a booklet, using the founts. Details of all of them can be found at our website and in the 'Featured Books' section currently on the home page of our online shop. There are also some small ephemeral items - get in touch if you are interested in specimens of the typeface. The following are still available:

Alchemy of the Planets

Images by Philip Hughes and poems by Carmen Boullosa, inspired by space missions.

Into the Lagoon

A book about the islands and towns of the Venetian lagoon with images by Leslie Gerry.

Zapf and Stauffacher

The story of the collaboration between type designer Hermann Zapf and typographer Jack Stauffacher.

De Tranquillitate Animi

Seneca on the conceit of the private library.


Seneca, De tranquillitate animi

Le Corbusier, Manual of the dwelling

Melville, Melville's Whale

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