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April 2020

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now in print: At nightfall on the shortest day

now in print: Michael Burghers, Oxford engraver

whatever happened to: The Oxford Fine Press Book Fair?

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now in print:
At nightfall on the shortest day

A text by Peter Davidson with a wood-engraving by Paul Kershaw

in print

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This new title is now in print. We had hoped to have it on show at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair. Alas that was not to be. So here are some images to whet your appetite.

We have been sending out copies to Subscribers and satisfying orders. Some copies are still available of this very limited edition at 55 each plus p&p.



now in print
Michael Burghers: Oxford engraver

A monograph by Jim Nottingham and Martyn Ould about one of the finest engravers on copper

in print

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Another book that we had hoped to have on show at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair!

An even smaller edition given that it was felt that Burghers's original seventeenth- and eighteenth-century copper plates should not be over-used. But copies are still available.



what happened to
The 2020 Oxford Fine Press Book Fair

Now postponed to November 2020!

21-22 November 2020

After all the hard work put in by organisers and would-be exhibitors the Fair was, not surprisingly, called off. However, the organisers - the Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association - have managed to rearrange it for November this year at the same location, the Examination Schools in Oxford. We shall be there!

In the meantime, life goes on in new, internet-enabled ways. The Fine Press Book Association, which also assists in the Fair, is now running a Virtual Oxford Fine Press Fair in the form of a weekly e-newsletter to its members worldwide. Each newsletter features virtual stands for five exhibitors - presses, wood engravers, calligraphers, print-related organisations, binders, paper suppliers, ... If you're not a member, why not sign up now at the FPBA website?


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