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September 2018

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now in hand: volume II of Printing at the University Press, Oxford, 1660-1780

now available: Zapf and Stauffacher


news about
Printing at the University Press, Oxford, 1660-1780, volume II

This project will now go ahead!

to be published later this year

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We have had sufficient pre-orders to now make this a viable project - thank you to those who have sent in pre-orders!

If you placed an order in response to our earlier email, we will shortly be emailing you an invoice.

If you have not already ordered but would like to now, just email us, letting us know if you would like a standard or a de luxe copy - we will send you an invoice. You can find full details at our website. The pre-publication prices stand for customers paying before publication.


A short tale:
In my search for suitably dilapidated copies of books from Oxford University Press as a source of leaves for the de luxe copies, I found a copy being offered online of Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle by Thomas Hearne, printed ‘at the Theater’ in 1725. As it was said to be in a suitably irredeemable state I ordered it. When it arrived I glanced at it and saw that although it was indeed Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle and the title page stated ‘Printed at the Theater, M.DCC.XXV’ it was all set in a typeface that was not one that OUP held in 1725 or indeed perhaps for another 100 years. Busy with more urgent things at the time I set it aside. Recently, whilst finally preparing those leaves for the edition, I looked more carefully at the two volumes, wondering initially if OUP had been a trendsetter with this modern face and nobody had noticed . . . until I noticed at the bottom of the very last page ‘Printed by Mercier and Chervet, No. 32, Little Bartholomew Close, London.’
Yes, dear reader, it was a reprint, probably dating from around 1810. Anyone want the two battered volumes? I can offer a good price.


progress on
Zapf and Stauffacher

The collaboration between type designer and typographer, by Ferdinand Ulrich

copies now available

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If you have already placed an order for this title it will reach you soon.

If you would like to order a copy just email us and we'll be in touch.

Copies are £75 each (about US$105 and euro90) plus postage at cost.

Here are some pictures of the finished book. You can find full details at our website.


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