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January 2017

Regular readers might have noticed a dearth of news of books from us in recent months. We have had a number of titles simmering away but have not wanted to rush into e-print until details were a little firmer. In the event we now have four new titles that we plan to announce in the coming months. Here is the first of them . . .


a new project
Paper making by hand in 1953

Paper-making at Barcham Green mill in the 1950s

planned for 2017

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Many years ago I bought a very dilapidated, damp-stained copy of a booklet that describes in some detail how paper was made by hand at the mill of J. Barcham Green Ltd. in Kent. For some time I've wanted to reprint it for the value and interest of the text and now the right moment has come. We shall be using original Barcham Green paper for the entire edition - a great opportunity to print an interesting and worthwhile text on some handmade paper.

A thousand copies of the original booklet were printed in the year of the Coronation, 1953, but, perhaps because of its somewhat ephemeral nature, it is seldom seen. It contains sixteen photographs of the process as described, showing workers at the mill, poised at the various stages - at the vat, couching, drying, etc. - but they were small and not ideally printed. We shall be printing a much smaller edition - probably 120 - and reproducing the photographs digitally and in a larger format, much to their advantage.

We shall be using Barcham Green's Finale paper for the text - it was the last hand-made paper made at the mill before it closed thirty years ago - and Chatham Vellum for the cover. The text will make a 20pp booklet, printed in 12pt Caslon. The production will take the form of a simple case, covered in Barcham Green's Antique Rose, which will have a pocket on the inside of each board, one holding the booklet and the other holding the sixteen photographs loose.

We'll be pleased to take expressions of interest now. Further details and prices will be announced in a future newsletter.


a small item
Colour in the Home

William Morris on your choice of emulsion paint

Copies available

'Colour' and 'homes' have been something of a recent theme in our output (and might continue ...). With several projects in the planning phase and nothing on the press I chose this extended passage from one of William Morris's as a small project.

In the late 1870s Morris gave a series of lectures entitled Hopes and Fears for Art. The fourth lecture, given to the Trades' Guild of Learning and the Birmingham Society of Arts, was entitled (in a somewhat pessimistic way) 'Making the best of it'. In his introduction he asks 'By what forethought, pains, and patience, can we make endurable those strange dwellings, the basest, the ugliest, and the most inconvenient that men have ever built for themselves, and which our own haste, necessity, and stupidity compel almost all of us to live in?' So, if you need advice on, in particular, decorating your house, this lecture is for you.

I have taken the passage on choosing colours for your walls for this eight-page booklet - sound advice if you plan to rid your house of all that brilliant white emulsion. The text is hand-set in 14pt Fournier and printed on a Magnani laid paper, sewn into a cover of blue Canson. (I thought a little French and Italian input would be good at this moment of Europhobia.)

Subscribers of the Press will receive their copy with our compliments. Copies are available at 10 each plus post and packing.

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