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Hinton Charterhouse, Bath, UK

 May 2007


a reminder about
The Contemporary Craft Fair

A great fair at which we will be exhibiting

Bovey Tracey, Devon
8-10 June 2007:

A quick reminder about an approaching event that we shall be exhibiting at: the Contemporary Craft Fair, organised annually by the Devon Guild of Craftsmen at Mill Marsh Park in Bovey Tracey, Devon, in association with the Crafts Council.

I know that many readers of this newsletter are more than a step away from here, so apologies in advance for cluttering the in-boxes of those for whom Devon is as good as light-years away!

We applied to exhibit at this show for the first time last year and had both an enjoyable time and good sales to new customers. The standard of crafts is very high and it makes a great day out if you are nearby. As last time, we are something of an oddity and are therefore categorised as 'paper' ... which is close I guess. As well as 160 'of the most innovative and influential UK-based designer-makers' (it says here) there are demonstrations and master-classes, workshops, exhibitions, and talks, plus a children's craft tent.

At last year's show we had a number of people come to the stand, see that there were books, and open the conversation with 'We have an old book that needs rebinding - could you do that?' I would point out that I didn't bind books myself but went to others to get my binding done. 'So what do you do?' would be the follow-up question. This prompted my two-minute explanation that books had to be designed and printed before they could be bound, a fact that clearly came as a surprise to many but which fascinated a good proportion. A surprising number of people approached the stand and announced that they had done letterpress printing at school - many years ago now - and were delighted to see that there were still folks out there keeping the flame alive, in a contemporary fashion. At least two one-time compositors also introduced themselves.

The show is open each day 1000-1730. You can get full details at the fair website. If you are in the area and would like an invitation to the Private View on Thursday 7 June from 6pm until 9pm, please let me know asap.

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