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The Old School Press prints and publishes new texts in limited editions with specially commissioned illustrations. We use traditional letterpress printing techniques - metal type and fine papers - and our books are hand-bound to our designs.

We like to print new and interesting texts. When it comes to design our aim is always to find a combination of text, illustration, typeface, papers, and binding that makes a unified whole. Our books are generally illustrated, often with specially commissioned work from artists working in a variety of media which to date have included watercolour, linocut, wood engraving, wood cuts, line drawing, pastels, digital, photography, and pochoir.

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If you are a binder and like to obtain unbound sets of sheets you will find that we often reserve a small proportion of an edition in sheets for binders and at a large discount. Look for books with the sign, which will tell you how many sections are involved, and click on the button on the left for a list of books available in sheets.

I occasionally prune my own collection of books, printing ephemera, and printing materials and have some items for sale, as well as some 'bargain box' items from the Press  view a list of secondhand books for sale.

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